Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies  

When I was a child we had a west highland terrier. As I was an only child I used to take him everywhere with me and my friends. We spent hours playing in the fields and countryside.  

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies 

One day I took him up to our village pond. I was looking for tadpoles to bring home in a jam jar and my dog was playing around in the grass near the pond.  We had taken a picnic with us and sat down to eat lunch sometime in the morning when I was hungry. I had dog biscuits with me to feed me dog too. All was going well and I was enjoying my lunch when suddenly my dog tried to catch a dragonfly. He leapt in the air and lost his footing and fell in the pond. He went right under but luckily for me managed to get out along the dirty bank. He was absolutely covered in pondweed and silt. I tried to clean him up as best as I could and then took him home. When I got home I hosed him down and dried him. He seemed quite alright until the next morning.  

Dog Ear Infection Home Remedies 

My mother got up first and the dog was constantly scratching his ears. We looked in his ears and they looked very red and sore. The following day we took him to the vets as he was no better. His ears were clearly troubling him all the time. The vet had a look and prescribed antibiotics for his ears. He thought he might have an ear infection. After the antibiotics had finished he started scratching his ears again and they had an an unusual smell, so off we went to the vets again. The vet could not understand why he had not recovered fully; he looked right down in his ears and gave him more antibiotics for an ear infection. He could not understand why a dog whose ears stand upright should get such a persistent ear infection as their ears are usually well aired. We gave the whole course of antibiotics to the dog again, the vets bills were mounting up and he still seemed not quite right. His ears were still inflamed but not quite as badly as earlier.  

We met a friend of ours the next week and she had a spaniel and was telling us a very similar story to ours. She suggested we went back to our vets and asks if the dog could have a dog yeast infection as this could cause them so much trouble and discomfort.  

Dog ear infection home remedies 

The following week we got an appointment and suggested to the vet that our dog may have a yeast ear infection, he thought this may be the case as our dog was still scratching his ears and shaking his head all the time, the antibiotics had not really done the trick for him either. He gave him some ear drops and after about a week our dog started to improve and was much happier.  

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